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Jillion Somers of California Fresh

Jillion Somers of California Fresh, which is now accepting the Sheffield Gift Card.

California Fresh on Glossop Road is now accepting the Sheffield Gift Card, which can be spent on burritos, rice bowls, salads and nachos.

Since opening in 2012, California Fresh has earned a reputation for burritos with a difference. Inspired by the roots of burritos – which are thought to have come about when Mexicans began to move to the west coast of America and discovered a whole new world of ingredients – California Fresh serves up more than the traditional burrito.

Owners Jillion Somers and Michael White aim to provide their customers with something a little different, from chipotle flavours to BBQ options and even a chicken curry burrito.

“People can mix it up,” said Jillion. “We use ingredients you wouldn’t normally find in burritos to give people more choice. People can mix it up, they don’t have to have the same thing every time they come.”

Burrito at California Fresh

The Sheffield Gift Card can be spent on food and drink at California Fresh

Jillion and Michael signed California Fresh up to the Sheffield Gift Card scheme because they think it gives people the opportunity to buy a gift that gives family and friends a choice on what to buy, and keeps people in the city centre.

Michael said: “Before the only options available were cards for individual stores, there was nothing city wide. I think the Sheffield Gift Card is a really good idea and focuses people in on the city centre. Such a huge amount of trade goes to Meadowhall but things are happening in the city centre too. With the regeneration of Sheffield city centre, it’s not just a place where you work and study, it’s a place to live in and be part of.”

Almost 70 shops, salons, theatres, cinemas, bars and restaurants have signed up to the card, which can be purchased online at and loaded with between £5 and £200. The gift card is the first of its kind for a major city in England, and will be able to buy all year round.

Buy your Sheffield Gift Card today and get it in time for Christmas.

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